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  • “The battle against climate change cannot be won without the world’s forests – this is now clear."

    Ban Ki-Moon, Former Secretary General of the United Nations


    Everland was founded in April 2017 by Wildlife Works, a recognized leader in the REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) sector.

    Everland is a specialized marketing company representing high-impact forest conservation projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America that protect wildlife and enhance the well-being of local forest communities.

    We provide REDD+ project developers access to a wide range of market channels and generate sales contracts. This makes it possible to finance the conservation work they do where local landowners and communities are adequately rewarded for avoiding deforestation now and for the long-term.

    Everland helps businesses achieve and convey their sustainability (emission reduction) and CSR commitments as well as gain value from their purchase of REDD+ VERs by providing; project due diligence, verified impacts, assured delivery, marketing support and the digital means to efficiently integrate sustainability into their business models.


    REDD+ is a UN envisioned climate change mitigation strategy that is the fastest,
    most effective and lowest cost initiative that can be done right now to combat climate change.