About Us

Our Purpose & Work

Our Purpose

Everland exists to help forest communities prosper by protecting their environment for their own benefit, resulting in climate change mitigation for the benefit of all.


Our Work

Everland exclusively markets and sells Verified Emissions Reductions from the world’s most impactful REDD+ projects. Through this work, we address the urgent need to protect nature and enhance the well-being of forest communities at scale.


Our Goal

Sustained financing to fully support each project for their climate mitigation, forest protection, wildlife conservation, and community development work.


The Everland Difference

Our Compelling Offer

We bring together forest communities and corporations in common cause to protect some of the world’s most important and vulnerable forests.

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The Value We Bring

For Projects:
Everland is a trustworthy partner for high-impact REDD+ projects, bringing their spirit and voice to a global network of premium buyers.

For Clients:
Everland helps our clients become an integral part of the communities who are on the front lines of climate change, forest conservation, and wildlife protection. Through deep due diligence and impact reporting, we ensure that clients invest in real impact beyond the carbon offset, and realize the full value of their support for REDD+ projects.


How we select projects

Everland exclusively works for projects that, in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, generate exceptional forest conservation, wildlife protection, and community development benefits.

What makes our projects special?
Everland exclusively supports projects that effectively address the main threats to forests and wildlife, and help forest communities chart a path to sustainable prosperity. We believe this is the way to achieve durable results for climate, conservation, and communities.

How do we identify and select our projects?
Third party standards
In order for us to consider a project, it must already be validated and verified to the rigorous requirements of the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), and have achieved at least one Gold Level verification to the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity (CCB) Standard.

By conforming with these standards, we know that all of our projects are generating real emissions reductions, have obtained free, prior, and informed consent from local communities, and are producing measurable, verified benefits for the climate, the forest, wildlife and people.

Everland’s Standards
But this is just the start. We have our own additional criteria for selecting projects beyond these requirements. These include:

High impact

All of our projects must generate meaningful, verified contributions toward specific UN SDG targets that correspond with Everland’s three impact areas: Forest Conservation, Wildlife Protection, and Community Development.

Each project also needs to show how its interventions target the main drivers of deforestation, the principal threats to wildlife, and the most compelling opportunities for promoting prosperity in the community.


Equitable and inclusive

Our projects must be able to show that a majority of the proceeds from the sale of carbon offsets directly benefit the climate, forest, wildlife, and community — in an equitable and inclusive manner, not discriminating against women or marginalized groups.



Our projects need to show effective management and oversight, with clear accountabilities for all activities and results, and strong management systems in place.


Good enabling environment

Our projects need to demonstrate that they maintain outstanding relationships with communities, local and national government, and other key stakeholders.

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Our Due Diligence

Our staff have overseen global portfolios of sustainable forestry, agriculture, and REDD+ projects, and directed operations for the largest auditor of VCS projects in the world. With the support of a worldwide network of experienced sustainability professionals, we conduct thorough due diligence on each project to ensure they meet our standards, including field visits to meet the project team and engage with the project’s key stakeholders in person.

Our Team

Angela Foster-Rice

Senior Vice President, Business Development Transportation & Travel Sector

Gerald Prolman


Joshua McCarron

Vice President, Business Development, North America

Joshua Tosteson

Chief Operating Officer

Natalia Toloza

Business Development, Europe

Natalie Prolman

Manager — Impacts, Assurance and Reporting

Pamela Brazier

Vice President, Business Development, Europe

Sandra Tan

Director, Finance and Operations